Getting to Yes: How utilities can secure regulatory approval with NARUC


Nick Wagner, President of NARUC, discusses energy planning and AMI infrastructure and how NARUC helps states create roadmaps for their grid modernization projects.

A decade ago, when AMI projects were being funded with ARRA stimulus grants, securing regulatory approval was a relatively easy request for Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) to make of their public service commissions.

Today, without those federal subsidies, pencils have sharpened and regulators are expecting more detailed plans and customer-facing benefits before approving advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects.

Unfortunately, in 2018, the industry saw more AMI project denials from regulators than approvals – not an encouraging trend line. Yet, in the face more business case scrutiny, several AMI projects have received commission approval, which offer valuable lessons learned that this panel will explore.

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