India: CyanConnode to connect additional 10,000 smart meters


Indian based engineering firm Larsen & Toubro has commissioned CyanConnode’s advanced metering communications solution to provide connectivity to an additional 10,000 smart meters.

CyanConnode will provide communications hardware, perpetual software licenses and an annual maintenance contract for the implementation of its narrowband RF mesh AMI solution for these 10,000 smart meters.

The smart meters will be deployed over the next two months with initial deliveries of CyanConnode’s hardware commencing in August 2018.

The deal follows a contract between the two which will enable connectivity to 5,000 smart meters.

This new order brings the total units of CyanConnode’s Optimal solution ordered by Larsen & Toubro to 41,735 to date.

During May, CyanConnode also announced receipt of its largest order to date from Larsen & Toubro, a $3.2m order for its new Omnimesh standards-based, smart metering solution.

John Cronin, CyanConnode executive chairman, commented: “We are pleased to announce a further order from L&T for a further 10,000 units of Optimal. L&T is one of the longest-standing partners of our global partner eco-system. Through collaboration, our proven technology and L&T’s reliable metering equipment is continuing to build momentum in the Indian smart metering market.”