isMobile to manage the rollout of one million AMI meters in Sweden


ONE Nordic has selected isMobile as a partner to roll-out one million smart meters for two electricity distributors in Sweden.

The deployment tool isMobile Smart Meter Rollout has been used in several large smart meter deployment projects in northern Europe during the last five years. Meter exchanges will begin in the spring of 2020. The projects have already started, and preparations are underway intensively right now.

The tool takes control of the massive volume of work and includes integration with Meter Infrastructure system, tuned processes based on years of experience, booking portal for customer service and efficiency, optimised work order planning and driving routes, quality control of meter data, follow-up statistics and efficient logistics.

A key driver for a deployment project is to get a high hit-rate for the first end-customer appointment.

“As part of our large roll-out projects of the next generation of smart meters, we need a modern and effective tool for managing all stages of a meter exchange project. Together with isMobile, we, therefore, implement their proven Smart Meter Rollout tool to streamline the meter exchange process and take advantage of all built-in functions”, says Anders Malmberg, Managing director at ONE Nordic Mätteknik.

The rollout of new modern energy meters should be seen in the light of a massive conversion to a digital and more sustainable society. The new meters allow a higher degree of network optimisation while making everyday life easier for the end-customers. The meters also allow end-customers to become energy producers themselves and sell the energy that they do not need.