Itron unveils new smart electricity meter for German utilities


IoT solutions firm Itron has launched a new residential smart electricity meter for the German market.

Itron claims that it has built the new eHZ-B smart meter with advanced functionality to help German cities and utilities advance the energy transition.

The smart meter is compliant with Itron’s 3.HZ FNN standard, hence is interoperable with multi-vendor environments.

The unit seamlessly communicates with the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGw) through Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, says Itron.

The smart electricity meter, designed as part of efforts to accelerate the rollout of advanced metering infrastructure across Europe, meets specifications and regulations in the German energy market.

In 2020, Itron, in partnership with EDMI Limited, developed and launched a SMETS2-compliant gas meter for the UK market. The SMETS2 gas meter will leverage Itron’s Intelis ultrasonic platform and EDMI’s SMETS2 compliant firmware.

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Keeping a constant pulse on the electricity grid, eHZ-B protects digital transmission with embedded next-gen encryption support. The technology is expected to play a key role towards the supply of reliable and affordable energy, as well as the development of a smart grid in Germany, according to the statement.

Itron is partnering with Hausheld AG to deploy the solution for German utilities.

Justin Patrick, senior vice president of Device Solutions at Itron, said the smart meter will help German energy companies “build a solid foundation for a connected distribution network,” and “to meet their modernisation and digitalisation initiatives.”

“We at EnBW are committed to ensuring that electricity from renewable energy sources is reliably available to everyone. Together with important partners such as Itron, we continue to develop our technical systems in a sustainable and innovative way. The new FNN base meter is a welcome building block in this process,” said EnBW in a company statement.