Landis+Gyr signs contracts for AMI deployment in Brazil


The State Electricity Distribution Company (CEEE-D) selected Landis+Gyr for – i) data collection and management of commercial and industrial users, and (ii) the supply and installation of a Centralized Measurement System for residential energy consumers.

The contracts came about as a result of international public tendering processes, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Development Agency (AFD). The signing took place yesterday, Wednesday, May 31st, at CEEE headquarters in the city of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The industrial and commercial advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project will automate data reading and billing functions and better protect revenue through the use of intelligent technology. The Gridstream AMI project includes the supply and installation of the system in 11,700 consumer end-units, including IT  infrastructure, radio mesh network, and data collection and management.

AMI project deployment

The centralized system measurement project includes advanced meters installed in cabinets attached to utility poles that link to remote reading terminals in consumers’ homes. This system allows energy measurement and individual reading of each customer’s usage. The system connects to the same communication network to transmit data to the utility, enhancing cost reductions, safety, reliability and flexibility, in order to reduce losses and costs in the distribution of electricity.

Landis+Gyr’s Loss and Measurement Management System, SGP+M, will be installed in 45,000 consumer units.

Furthermore, the company’s RF Mesh communication network technology will be embedded in the two CEEE-D systems and allows for multiple applications to be connected to a single intelligent network. In addition to providing measurement information from industrial and commercial premises, it delivers information from the residential measurement systems and other distribution network devices such as underground power transformers. This results in reduced power losses, operational efficiencies and more reliable power distribution.

The two projects are the latest in a series of contracts signed by Landis+Gyr. In addition, there are smart grid contracts already underway in Brazil, with Light at State of Rio de Janeiro and CELPA of the Equatorial Group in the state of Pará.