Landis+Gyr scores 96k smart meter deal in Mexico


Under the terms of the agreement, Landis+Gyr will supply its Gridstream AMI solution, including RF mesh network and advanced meters in the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo in CFE’s Peninsular Division.

The deal also includes installation of network equipment and nearly 96,000 advanced meters in the region.

The technology upgrades are aimed at reducing non-technical line losses, improving efficiency and enhancing service delivery to high-use consumers in the region.

[quote] To address CFE’s smart grid requirements, Landis+Gyr is partnering with SistinDacema TMX, a local EPC that will manage installation and support of the network, meters, and head-end software.

“This project will provide significant RF network coverage for smart grid projects throughout the region enabling CFE to add additional meters, sensors and devices to meet their business needs now and in the future,” said Abe Ortega, Vice President of International Sales and Marketing at Landis+Gyr.

CFE provides electric service for more than 38 million consumers, including more than 2 million in the Peninsular Division in Eastern Mexico. The utility is also the primary generator in the country and has expanded its renewable resource capacity in recent years.

Mexico smart meters

The deal comes as Mexico begins the process of selecting vendors for a total 30.2 million smart meter deployment between 2015-2025.

In a market that is valued at more than US$10 billion, Mexico is the second largest consumer of smart grid technology behind Brazil in the Latin America region, according to research compiled by Northeast Group in September 2015.

“Mexico’s US$10.9 billion smart grid infrastructure investment will see significant deployments across a number of market segments including smart metering, distribution automation, battery storage, home energy management, information technology and wide area measurement.”

Mr Gardner said the market is getting a boost from the PIDIREGAS program, which uses private company and financing to carry out public works projects.

There have recently been more than two million smart meters tendered through the PIDIREGAS program.

Several were awarded in late 2014 and early 2015. There are a number of additional tenders with winners to be announced in late 2015 and early 2016, according to the research analyst.

Regulatory momentum for smart grid infrastructure investment is being driven by a smart grid roadmap developed by the regulator Comisión Reguladora de Energia (CRE).

Following the recent energy reforms in Mexico, CRE now has greater regulatory authority and a mandate to modernise the country’s power grid.