More than one million ADDAX meters based on PRIME in 10 countries for 2018


At the beginning of 2018, ADD GRUP crossed the mark of 1 million PRIME technology-based meters, setting up projects of various sizes in 10 countries.

The countries include Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Georgia, India and Lebanon.

The geography of implemented projects is quite extensive, which is expressed both in customer requirements for system efficiency and in operating conditions, which are often complicated by outdated networks and the availability of equipment that generates network interference at PRIME operating frequencies.

In some projects, at the request of clients, the task was set to achieve 100% efficiency of data collection; and if we didn’t fulfill this result, we were threatened with fines. And the ADDAX technology based on PRIME has successfully completed this task.

Some projects in Lithuania, Latvia, India and Lebanon put additional unexpected difficulties in front of us. Since part of the substations in these countries were not fully covered by PRIME meters, this increased the distance between the meters and made the task of ensuring efficiency more difficult to implement.

And we managed this challenge successfully, without losing our face. This demonstrated wide possibilities of PRIME technology to overcome long distances without affecting the quality of communication.

In three large projects with a total volume of more than 800 thousand meters, we implemented effective transfer of protected data (DLMS security) in PRIME v1.3.6 networks on large numbers of metering points.

This allowed us and our customers to make sure that the bandwidth of PRIME technology version v1.3.6 allows not only to efficiently collect data, but also to do it in a completely secure environment using modern encryption and authentication methods.

An important achievement in all these projects was not only the efficiency of the communication technology, but also the reliability of the meters themselves.

The percentage of meter failures is currently 0.1% per year, and this is the highest indicator of reliability in the smart metering industry, where the most stringent requirements for reliability are 0.5% per year.

The apotheosis of the work of our R & D colleagues was the appearance this year of concentrators and meters supporting PRIME v1.3.6 and v1.4 in the CENELEC and FCC bands.

ADD Grup ’s cooperation with ST Microelectronics, associated with the implementation, testing and development of the version of PRIME v1.4, which we plan to actively begin to use in projects already in 2019, thus ensuring the development of technology in those countries and companies that are ready to use the most advanced smart metering solutions.