More than one million meters managed by new smart grid network operating tool


NES Delivers Grid Operations Software to Help Utilities Operate Smart Grids

Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid solution provider with the industry’s leading Energy Applications Platform (EAP TM) announced the release of its latest software solution, Grid Operations. This coincides with NES achieving over one million meters managed through its smart metering and smart grid deployment and operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions.

Grid Operations is the latest version of NES’s mature and established deployment and O&M solutions for more than 5 million smart meters that help DSOs maintain exceptional communications with their meters (>99.7%) and keep their investment operating with a high degree of availability, efficiency, visibility and control. The solution is based on NES Element Manager, initially released in 2008, and now with over 11 years of R&D investment, provides the most user-friendly and functionally rich solution of its type.

Grid Operations is being used to rollout and manage over one million meters; around 600K in the US and around 450K in Poland, with other deployments in the Nordics and Balkans.

Key features of Grid Operations include event and fault management, configuration, release and change management, performance and SLA management, and security and fraud management. It is pre-integrated with NES solutions for extended intrusion detection security features and grid topology discovery, energy balancing, and analytics. This provides a truly end-to-end deployment and O&M solution. Consolidation of these functions into one set of screens allows larger AMI projects to be deployed, operated and maintained with fewer staff, reduces the cost of training, removes the need to integrate systems or rely on “swivel-chair” integration, and promotes operational process consolidation and simplification.

Grid Operations is Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) compliant; it can manage any OSGP compliant smart meter or OSGP enabled device. In fact, major deployments with meters from Apator and Mitsubishi Electric have been established, and are referenced by Tauron, a leading utility in Poland and an NES customer, with a focus on the “plug-and-play” nature of the pre-integrated solution.

“Through its software solutions, NES is helping its own customers, and users of other vendor OSGP compliant meters, to prepare for the smart energy transition”, says David Thomson, NES President & CEO. “DSOs need to have a solid foundation of efficient O&M to maximise the role that their AMI investment can play as they move from being distributors of electrical power to becoming brokers of energy”.

“For mature markets, the pressure is now on to improve operational efficiency and communications performance to support the business case for the smart energy transition, and in new markets, the focus is on benefiting from the lessons learnt by those same mature markets”, says Jon Wells, VP Customer Solutions. “Grid Operations drives these efficiency improvements and provides new AMI deployments with practical deployment and operational ‘know-how’”.