New ‘Technical Lab’ to accelerate NB-IoT water meters across China


Jiangxi Water Utility has launched a Technical Lab in Nanchang, Jiangxi province to accelerate the adoption of NB-IoT enabled smart water meters in China.

The utility and sensor solution providers AMS and Qingdao iESLab Electronic are extending the China Water Utilities platform – an alliance developed to promote the adoption of ultrasonic water meters.

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The Technical Lab will be used to demonstration how NB-IoT, big data enabled ultrasonic water metering can help to:

  • Result in savings of up to 30% in distribution efficiency
  • Save up to 20% on cost of installation and maintenance of secondary water supply, owing to ultra-low-pressure loss and improved leakage detection
  • Reduce leakages by between 30-60%

Jiangxi Water Group Co will make use of real-time data to better understand customer usage profiles, manage its water distribution infrastructure and improve services to around 10 million households.

The utility claims it was the first to install city-wide ultrasonic water meters in Greater China.

Yimin Cai, President of Jiangxi Water Group, says: “As a company we want to be ‘as good as water, and to aim for absolute perfection’.

“By accessing this kind of big data about our business, which was not possible with traditional mechanical meters, we not only improve service delivery, we also make more sustainable use of this precious resource, and maximize our return on investment.”

 The project is part of the utility’s digital transformation

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