Nova Scotia announces smart meter and workforce management initiative


In Canada, Nova Scotia Power has selected Tribus Services to upgrade its metering infrastructure.

Novia Scotia Power will, as from late 2019, upgrade to an advanced metering infrastructure.

The project will include replacing some 500,000 legacy meters with advanced models.

Up to 2,000 smart water meters will be installed daily.

Workforce management

The majority of the workforce will be hired locally.

The news follows the announcement of $35.60 million in funding made by Siemens Canada, New Brunswick Power and Nova Scotia Power tocreate and maintain up to 241 highly skilled jobs in Atlantic Canada.

Workers to be trained as part of the initiative will support the partners’ $92.7-million project which includes Siemens conducting research and development of smart grid technologies.

The smart grid technologies will be used to help the region to better manage electricity to achieve its sustainability goals. For instance, help improve power delivery to underserved communities, better integrate renewable energy into the power grid and reduce future electricity costs for consumers. 

The project is funded through the Strategic Innovation Fund, a program designed to attract and support high-quality business investments in Canada’s most dynamic and innovative sectors.