Smart Meters

News and insights into the latest developments in smart meters technology, utility deployment plans and the use of advanced metering infrastructure to improve customer service and demand response strategies. The focus will also include trends in wireless or fixed communications such as power line carrier (PLC) or wireless ad hoc networks over Wi-Fi, wireless mesh networks, low power long-range wireless (LORA), ZigBee (low power, low data rate wireless), and Wi-SUN (Smart Utility Networks).

nb power smart meters

NB Power to modernise grid with 350k Itron smart meters

New Brunswick Power will deploy Itron’s multi-purpose solution as part of efforts to modernise its electricity network.
Public Power Corporation

CTs with optimal power quality & revenue-grade metering for distributed energy...

J&D has provided a solution for meter engineers by releasing new current transformers, the ARCT-M Rogowski coil CTs and the IACT series split core CTs.
meter markets

Meter markets dip in 2020 but there is room for optimism

This article looks at the impact of COVID-19 on the global smart meter market with a specific focus on the water industry.
SBEE, meters & more

Meters and More: Communication with the end customer device

The Italian smart grid revolution that in the early 2000s placed Italy at the centre of the first massive smart metering deployment, is now ready to change the relationship between utilities and end-users.
grid operations; disaster recovery; powerline communication; smart grid

PRIME hybrid solution combines PLC and RF

PRIME Alliance is committed to dealing with the communication challenges of the smart grid for the low voltage (LV) network with interoperable and open technologies.
lorawan LPWAN

First DLMS smart electric meter running over LoRaWAN announced

Acklio and Kaifa introduce the first electricity meters running over the LoRaWAN protocol available on the market.

Enterprise architecture blueprint for utilities – part 2

“Bad choices make good stories.” There is a famous saying “Bad choices make good stories”. What might be...

Smart metering evolution and questions about “quo vadis”

After almost two decades of large-scale smart meter rollouts and technology evolutions, the time has come to see where we are.
cps energy

CPS Energy and BRK Ambiental awarded at Itron Utility Week

Frost & Sullivan has announced CPS Energy and BRK Ambiental as the recipients of the fifth annual Excellence in Resourcefulness Awards.

Water usage in Europe’s tourism industry

There are multiple reasons for the usage, starting from drinking water and ending with manufacturing, industrial purposes and tourism.

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