Romanian utility selects telco for smart grid data telemetry


Romanian utility Distributie Energie Oltenia, a subsidiary of CEZ Group, has partnered with telco Intrarom to implement a smart grid and communications pilot project.

Intrarom, the Romanian subsidiary of Intracom Telecom Group, will provide a subsystem for measuring and transmitting information from single and three-phase intelligent meters and data concentrators.

The telco will also install and commission the system for the utility of customers in seven countries in the Oltenia region.

The project falls under efforts by the CEZ Group to modernise its grid network by investing in technologies such as smart metering.

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The pilot includes the installation of 10,000 smart meters, filters and data concentrators. Intrarom successfully cooperated with two subcontractors ADD Grup Moldova and ADREM Invest.

The project system for measuring and transmitting data from meters, consisting of single-phase or three-phase smart meters and data concentrators, is the second project that ADD Grup and Intrarom have implemented at DEO.

The first was conducted in 2017 and served as a “proof of concept” for DEO to understand the technology and choose the right direction in the smart metering strategy.

The new intelligent energy metering system will provide more information than a conventional meter, ensuring two-way communication between the intelligent electronic meter and the measured data management subsystem.

The project enables remote meter reading and connection and disconnection of the meters will be ensured, a capability boosting revenue protection for the utility.

Georgios Roussos, General Manager of Intrarom: “We are delighted with the confidence given by CEZ Romania to choose, develop and implement a pilot smart metering solution provided by Intrarom, in line with its development strategy adopting the most advanced technologies for electrical networks.

“The project was successfully realized, demonstrating the capacity of the Intrarom team to implement smart projects dedicated to companies in the energy and utilities industry, a branch of critical importance of the Romanian economy, in full modernization and expansion, thus helping them to differentiate on the new market.”