Samoan utility deploys IoT payment solution


Itron has signed a contract to deploy the OpenWay Riva IoT solution for Samoa’s Electric Power Corporation in efforts to improve electricity payment convenience

Itron will deploy its OpenWay® Riva IoT solution, smart meters and the Itron Prepayment Management Platform (IPMP) support system for the Electric Power Corporation (EPC) in Samoa. The aim is to improve vending channels for prepaid electricity and increase awareness of the distribution system.

In order to minimise the length of the implementation process, Itron will host OpenWay Riva and IPMP and provide them as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to the utility.

Itron will also be responsible for project management, meter installation and training.

EPC, which serves two of the major Samoan islands, has nearly 40,000 customers who need to utilise PC-based point of sale terminals for their prepayment customers. the IPMP system will allow these customers to utilise a self-service internet or Android-based point of sale system.

According to Itron, “the OpenWay Riva platform has the ability to offer significant advantages for the electricity distribution system such as outage detection, conservation voltage reduction (CVR), theft detection, demand response and the ability to detect unsafe conditions.”

Tologata Tile Leia Tuimalealiifano, EPC general manager said further that: “This solution will modernise our existing electricity system and empower us to sell electricity in a more innovative and convenient way to improve consumer satisfaction through accessibility, monitoring and management of their electricity usage.

“By harnessing Itron’s hardware and software, we will also be able to manage our electricity quality efficiently and reduce the time and effort needed to set up and manage the network.”

“EPC will be one of the first utilities to utilise our smart meters for electricity payment on IPMP and enable its customers to easily access and pay for electricity,” said Mark Atkinson, director of sales, Australia- Pacific at Itron. “[We are] excited to collaborate with EPC to implement a modern, intelligent network to realize new business value and smart grid capabilities in the South Pacific.”