Scottish Power and Siemens to deploy 450k smart meters in North England


UK utility Scottish Power is set to install some 450,000 smart meters for its customers in North England as part of a nationwide rollout that is underway in the UK.

The utility has selected Siemens Managed Applications and Services as a partner for the three-year rollout programme.

The project will move Scottish Power a step closer to its goal of equipping its five million consumers with smart meters, in line with a UK government mandate for all utilities to install advanced meters for their entire consumer base. Today, the UK has managed to install smart meters to 45% of its customers, with the aim to ensure that 50 million metering points have an advanced meter, according to a statement.

Installation for Scottish Power customers in North England is expected to begin in August for consumers. The project covers North-West, North-East and Yorkshire.

The smart meter programme, which is part of the UK’s digital transformation and energy transition initiatives, will enable consumers to control and reduce their energy spend and utilities to optimise grid management, speed up the deployment of renewable energy, and the adoption of distributed energy resources whilst reducing carbon emissions.

According to the UK’s Data Communications Company (DCC), which builds and operates the network that the smart meters are being connected to, the UK is now able to avoid more than 300,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and help residential and business customers save £347 million ($481.8 million) per year owing to the 13 million units on connected to the network.

The announcement by Scottish Power comes at a time the DCC is busy upgrading its network in North England to ensure secure and resilient smart meter connectivity and data telemetry. In its Business and Development Plan (2021/22-2025/26), released in July, the DCC announced that it will procure a new 4G communications hub to futureproof the network in the region in 2022.

Smart meters will enable Scottish Power to accurately bill its customers and avoid energy theft whilst improving customer services.

Andrew Gore, Head of Sales for Retail in Siemens MAS, said: “We are delighted to be working with ScottishPower on smart MOP deployment and have teams in place ready to install the smart meters, following rigorous safety protocols. MAS has worked in this space, supporting suppliers’ domestic and commercial customers, for over twenty-five years.”