Seal Rock reduces non-revenue losses – below state benchmark


In the US state of Oregon, Seal Water Rock District has reduced its non-revenue water by 12% by deploying advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The reduction is below the state’s 15% benchmark.

The district partnered with Sensus to deploy some 12,000 smart water meters and a two-way communication IoT network to provide connectivity to the advanced meters and other smart applications.

The aim was to remotely monitor water use and address leaks in near real-time and to improve customer response time and services by helping them enhance their efficiency.

 In addition, the city has deployed an online customer portal, which provides water efficiency recommendations and allows them to pay bills online, or to access water usage and budgets at any time.

SRWD Utility Billing Clerk Brendi Hargrove, said: “With the Sensus AMI system deployed, we can now detect a water leak and work with the customer to have it resolved within the hour.

“The program instantly improved our billing processes and helped us become more efficient.

“With our AMI rollout, people see the benefits that data offers and they’ve bought into our vision for water conservation.”

SRWD General Manager Adam Denlinger, added: “By using sustainable technologies like AMI, we can ensure water is available for future generations.

“Our initial goal was to get 10 percent of customers signed up and we’re already at 12.5 percent in less than two months.

“We want to get our unaccounted for water down to three percent to be competitive with some of the bigger cities in the state. We are confident that we have the right tools and they’re helping us get smarter every day.”