Smart meter data condition monitors Texas A/Cs


Texas headquartered electricity retailer Vistra is using smart meter data to identify poorly operating air conditioner units.

The novel initiative, which comes with summer on the horizon, offers the prospect of enabling customers to save up to 30% on their electricity cooling costs with a properly functioning air conditioning system, the company says.

Vistra has partnered with artificial intelligence based energy analytics developer Grid4C to identify customers who can benefit from the programme. Grid4C’s algorithms analyse smart meter data to provide insights in areas including appliance fault detection and diagnosis, anomaly detection, appliance load disaggregation and load forecasting.

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Eligible customers are provided with a custom estimate of potential energy savings from a tune-up and repair. They are then connected with a partner to undertake this work for free.

“By turning analysed smart meter data into proactive, convenient care for our customers, Vistra is adding to an already strong record of innovation in the world of retail electricity,” said Scott Hudson, president of Vistra Retail.

“Not only does this outreach initiative increase the efficiency of individual air conditioner units, lowering home energy usage for our customers, it also helps reduce strain on the Texas grid during peak times of intense summer heat.”

Vistra is one of the largest competitive retail electricity providers in the US, operating in 19 states and the District of Columbia, as well as in Canada and Japan. The company serves nearly 5 million residential, commercial and industrial retail customers with electricity and natural gas.

Retail plans are offered with a suite of value-added products, including connected thermostats, home warranties and distributed energy resources.

Vistra’s retail brand in Texas is TXU Energy.