FLONIDAN smart gas meters receive CPA Certification for UK deployment


FLONIDAN, UniFlo SMETS2 smart gas meters were recently awarded the Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) certification, making the meters deployment-ready for utilities in the United Kingdom.

FLONIDAN is partnering with Aclara on the UK’s SMETS2 smart meter roll out programme.

Both manufacturers offer CPA-certified meters for SMETS2 (smart metering equipment technical specifications: second version), which represents a benefit for UK utilities, as they can now acquire CPA-certified SMETS2 smart electricity and gas meters from a single source.

Conferred by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), CPA certification is a fundamental requirement for deploying SMETS2 meters in the UK’s National Smart Metering Implementation Programme.

SMETS2 smart meters can provide additional end customer benefits not available in SMETS1 meters. For example, in addition to providing consumers with all the benefits of monitoring energy usage, they also allow for faster switching between energy suppliers as well as end-to-end security.

“Now being able to deliver fully certified SMETS2 smart gas meters, we give the UK utilities sufficient time to pilot and commission in due time for the transition date in October,” said FLONIDAN’s CCO Morten Lang.

“We are now among the only solution providers to offer a fully compliant, dual-fuel smart metering solution ready for implementation, bringing together our proven smart electricity meters with top quality smart gas meters,” said Jason Subirana, vice-president, international, Aclara.

Although the UK Government has extended the deadline for the installation of the first generation of smart meters, SMETS1, pushing the rollout of SMETS2 smart meters to later this year, the completion date in 2020 stays unchanged.

This leaves only three years to pilot, deploy and commission fully SMETS2 compatible smart metering systems.

The CPA certification means UK utilities can deploy the meters immediately in the mandated programme.

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