Sweden’s Ellevio launches next generation smart meter large-scale rollout


Swedish distribution operator Ellevio is deploying Sagemcom’s second generation smart metering solution.

Ellevio, one of the largest DSOs in Sweden, is one of the first in the Nordics to start its large scale second generation smart meter rollout.

Since the award in March 2019, Sagemcom has developed and delivered a new generation of S211 single phase meters and T211 polyphase meters. These incorporate the dual cellular technology LTE NB IoT + LTE Cat-M to secure the reliability of the solution.

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The new generation meters were developed and certified in less than eight months and have been piloted in the Stockholm suburb of Älvsjö since June 2020. The local deployment partner is ONE Nordic.

“The strong and transparent partnership between Ellevio, Sagemcom and ONE Nordic has resulted in the completion of a very successful full scale pilot, deploying the solution and metering equipment for our customers in the field,” says Johan Löwemo, head of the programme at Ellevio. “Hence, Ellevio’s programme for the next generation of smart metering now proceeds with the mass rollout of this new technology.”

The new smart meters are intended to give customers better insight into their consumption, while also improving low voltage network management. Alarms include ‘last gasp’ messaging sent in case of power outage, neutral fault detection, harmonic distortion, remote on-demand operations, etc.

Further, the system is future proofed with the ability to perform mass firmware updating.

To date a connectivity service level above 99% has been achieved, enabling the full scale rollout to commence across Ellevio’s service areas. The company has 962,000 customers spread across Sweden’s west coast, mid-Sweden and Stockholm County.

Ellevio anticipates the new smart meters will open up the development of new services such as smart electric vehicle charging and smart heating that will improve the customer experience while also contributing to the transition to a climate-smart society.

The rollout is due to be completed before the end of 2023.