Tata Power and Communications partner on AMI rollout


India’s largest integrated utility Tata Power launched an automated metering infrastructure programme to optimise the efficiency of its billing systems.

The utility has partnered with Tata Communications and L&T Meters to implement the project for consumers in Mumbai.

The programme includes the deployments of smart electric meters, an IoT network and meter data management platform to enable automate and real-time energy billing.

The project will enable the energy provider access to consumer load profiles to have insights on energy demand, in order to improve management of its grid network.

Having access to consumer load profiles will help improve customer services through personalisation of amenities.

In addition, access to the amount of energy required to meet consumer demands will help Tata Power to plan for grid reliability. Planning will include programmes such as demand response and demand-side management to avoid unexpected power outages.

Tata Power says it will be able to reduce non-revenue expenses through quick detection of meter tampering and accurate power billing.

Mr. Ashok Sethi, COO & ED, Tata Power, said, “Tata Power has always been a leader in adopting latest technology to bring value to its consumers and this technology would enable us to bring Automated Meter Reading (AMR) to our residential consumers.”

VS Shridhar, Sr. Vice President & Head – Internet of Things, Tata Communications, added, “The Internet of Things has paved the way for ubiquitous, always-connected applications that are making waves across industries and we are pleased to be able to lead this from the front.

“We are building the world’s largest dedicated IoT LoRa network in India spanning nearly 2,000 communities and touching over 400 million people. It’s been an honour to work with Tata Power, shoulder-to-shoulder, in lighting up the AMI solution and adding momentum to this revolution in India.”

The development comes at a time the utility is expecfting demand on its grid netwoprk to grow during an increase in it’s customer base.

To date, Tata Power generates 10649MW and serves more than 2.6 million distribution consumers.