Texas utility Woodlands Water to deploy over 34,000 smart meters


In the US state of Texas, Woodlands Water has selected Ameresco to implement its automatic metering infrastructure project.

Ameresco will install more than 34,000 smart water meters across Montgomery County to help the utility to optimise its water distribution system and reduce consumer usage and bills.

Following a competitive solicitation beginning in July 2019, Woodlands Water selected Ameresco for the water efficiency programme to be deployed over the next 18 months.

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By providing more frequent and detailed information about water usage across its service area, Woodlands Water will be better equipped to detect and stop leaks before they can become a greater problem. This information also allows for enhanced customer engagement and service.

James M. Stinson, PE, general manager for Woodlands Water, said: “Among the many benefits of this project is an unprecedented level of transparency that our customers will have into their water consumption, including the ability to view and track usage from any computer or mobile device.

“Ameresco’s expertise in the area of smart city solutions and advanced metering technologies made them our ideal partner for this project.”

Bob Georgeoff, vice president of Ameresco, adds: “Automatic metering infrastructure helps communities take better control of how they use and conserve water.

“By replacing and upgrading existing infrastructure now, Woodlands Water will avoid the need for future improvements and helps its customers cut down on unnecessary and costly overuse of water at home.”