The UK connects 14 million smart meters on DCC network


The UK’s Data Communications Company (DCC) has announced that some 14 million smart meters have been connected to its network as the country progresses with its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) rollout.

The milestone was achieved with the installation of a smart meter for a customer of Foxglove Energy in Durham County on August 18.

The announcement follows the UK connecting the country’s 13 millionth smart meter on the network on 21 July 2021.

The goal is to install and connect 50 million smart meters to the nationwide network as part of the UK’s digital transformation drive. The smart meters would enable accurate consumer billing and help accelerate the UK’s transition to renewable energy, in addition to enabling the provision of smart utility services including demand response.

Angus Flett, the CEO of DCC, said: “… we passed the milestone of 14 million smart meters connected to the DCC system, and the network is now growing at a record pace.  That’s being driven by consistent installation rates of new second-generation meters, plus the accelerating migration of first-generation meters, which is restoring smart functionality to millions of homes across Britain.”

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Some of the latest smart meter installation milestones achieved by the UK include:

  • The addition of 1 million smart meters alone in July.
  • The connection of more than 5 million first-generation (Smets1) meters on DCC’s network early in August.
  • The migration of 93,000 SMETS1 smart meters on a single day – a new daily record – on the 22nd of July.

Flett, added: The digitisation of this roll-out is transforming Britain’s whole energy system – contributing hugely to the fight against climate change.”

The new milestone means the UK has connected 8,769,658 SMETS2 on the DCC network and 5,230,931 SMETS1 since rollout of smart meters began in the UK.