The UK installs 4 millionth SMETS2 smart meter


The UK’s much-maligned and delayed national smart meter rollout reached an important milestone on 26 February, which marked the installation of the 4 millionth second-generation smart meter at a property in Kent by British Gas technician.

The second-generation or SMETS2 meter has overcome the challenges that dogged the previous first-generation devices which turned “dumb” if a consumer switched energy suppliers.

According to Smart DCC, the uptake of newer smart meters spiked thirteen-fold in 2019, and weekly installations exceed the total number of red phone booths ever installed in Britain.

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That bodes well for efforts to meet the revised national rollout target date of 2024, after numerous challenges ruled out any chance of reaching the original target of 2020.

The UK Government recently extended the smart rollout target from 2020 to 2024.

The East Midlands region has been the biggest adopter of smart meters, with one-quarter of households having installed the technology since the rollout commenced a decade ago.

Smart DCC CEO Angus Flett noted the public’s willingness to embrace sustainability: “We connected the millionth smart meter in May 2019, and since then we’ve quadrupled the number. This milestone reflects the efforts of all involved in the roll-out, including the energy companies and network operators, and those working with us to deliver and operate the network.

“The progress we’re seeing is also a sign of consumers across Britain making a conscious decision to make their household greener. Our network is a platform for good, and the data flowing across it is paving the way for better use of renewable energy. We believe in making Britain more connected so we can all lead smarter greener lives.”

According to Smart DCC claims more second-generation smart meters are being installed each week than the total number of red phone boxes ever installed in Britain.

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