The UK pilots new SMETS 2 smart meter for business consumers


In the UK, energy company Drax is partnering with the Data Communications Company, smart meter manufacturer EDMI and software firm UtiliGroup to pilot a new polyphaser SMETS 2 smart meter.

The pilot is claimed to be the first of its kind and is aimed at helping large industrial and commercial business customers to optimize their energy management.

The technology needed to install the newest smart meters in businesses with larger and more complex electricity supplies, such as schools or large commercial premises hasn’t been available, so some of the largest energy users have been unable to benefit from the smartest technologies.

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Using the new polyphase SMETS2 smart meter and the same software used by residential and small business customers with AMI meters, large businesses will be able to track and optimize their energy usage.

Subsidiaries of Drax, Haven Power and Opus Energy, will be using the technology.

Drax and project partners developed the technology remotely within the DCC Manchester facility during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The facility, which is the UK’s operational headquarters for smart meters, can test 2,400 smart meters simultaneously.

Paul Sheffield, Managing Director of Drax’s customers business, said: “We’re confident that this new smart meter technology is going to be a game changer for thousands of our larger customers. 

“This technology will enable them to enjoy greater flexibility and control over their electricity use, making them more sustainable, which will be good for both the environment and their bottom line.”

Dan Lambert, Chief Operating Officer for the DCC, said: “The DCC’s network is the digital backbone of the energy industry, and our customers like Drax are constantly working to help us extend its reach to more homes and businesses. Polyphase smart meters will make it available to even more businesses, from farms to tech start-ups.

“It’s been impressive how well the whole sector has collaborated throughout lockdown on this complex work. With our customers, we’re making Britain more connected so we can all lead smarter, greener lives.”

Alan Masterman, Managing Director of smart meter manufacturer EDMI Europe Limited, said: “We are incredibly proud of the work this partnership is achieving. Smart meters are the foundation of the energy revolution and are therefore an essential component for large businesses that have previously not had access to smart technology.