Trilliant and FLONIDAN to co-develop smart meter solutions for gas utilities


A partnership between IoT communication solutions firm Trilliant Networks and metering company FLONIDAN aims to help gas utilities to enhance their operations and revenue protection through smart metering solutions.

The two companies will integrate their technologies and leverage their expertise in smart metering and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to provide an end-to-end solution for utilities.

The aim is to ensure gas companies leverage a secure and resilient communications network for smart data telemetry – acquisition, processing, storage, and management. This will enable gas utilities to fully exploit smart meter data and analytics to optimise the management of distribution networks and metering systems, according to a statement.

Richard Wiles, the vice-president of Trilliant in the EMEA, said: “This cooperation with FLONIDAN will allow utilities to safely and securely retrieve gas meter data, either direct via Trilliant RF WANs or utilising existing cellular networks, or via zigbee or Wireless mBus networks, all to give actionable data into our customers’ hands.

“Working together creates a global solution for all meter connection types, including new carbon-friendly hydrogen meters, for credit and prepayment applications that require no hardware variants to provide the best total cost of ownership.”

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Pete Sanders, sales director at FLONIDAN, added: “We share Trilliant’s commitment to smart multi-utility and multi-technology solutions to improve operations, save costs and even more importantly lower carbon footprint” says FLONIDAN Sales Director, Pete Sanders.

“We believe that the best solution comes from seeing the bigger picture. And understanding the full context in which our products and services are used. Combining our skills and expertise with those of partners and customers is the best way to an open, sustainable, and workable solution.

The two companies say their collaboration will help expand their footprint across the globe.

Trilliant is leveraging cooperation with other companies to improve its offerings and ensure they are in line with the latest standards and demands from utility customers. Trilliant partnered with Gemserv to ensure its head-end-software deployments are secured against the growing threat of cyberattacks.

Commenting on the development, Andy White, Chairman and CEO for Trilliant, said: “We put security and data privacy at the heart of our solution and have developed an ethos throughout our business of putting security first. Trilliant welcomes the partnership with Gemserv to provide enhanced security assurance to our customers.”

With INCE, Trilliant partnered to ensure the provision of a cost-effective wireless smart meter and smart grid connectivity network.