UK announces installation of 1 millionth smart meter


The UK’s Data Communications Company (DCC) has announced the installation of the one-millionth SMETS 2 smart meter to the country’s grid.

In essence, it means that approximately half-a-million SMETS2 meters have been installed in the country since reaching the 500,000 meter mark in March 2019.

The milestone was achieved in 21 May 2019, when an SSE engineer installed the millionth meter in the city of Slough.

DCC chief operations officer Dan Lambert said in a company statement “ This is one of the most far-reaching national infrastructure programmes Britain has seen. At scale, the reach of the DCC’s central network will surpass that of superfast broadband or digital terrestrial TV. “

The organisation says that significant progress is being made with rollout, and the volume of data being communicated is increasing, with over 30 million communications taking place over the network in April 2019.

At full-scale, the network is expected to support over 30 million homes and businesses, and the meter rollout has had its share of challenges to date from both the UK Auditors office, and MP’s.

The main service providers facilitating the rollout include SSE, Argiva, CGI and Telefonica, with SSE being dogged by recent job cuts due in part to resistance to the rollout from retail consumers.

Angus Flett, DCC’s Chief Executive said: “One million meters now connected to our secure network represents a great achievement for everyone involved in the smart meter rollout. Credit to the energy companies, distribution network operators, and all the organisations in the supply chain who’ve worked really hard with us to make this a reality.

“Of course, there’s still much more to do before the end of 2020. Smart meters and the DCC network are digitising Britain’s energy system and enabling the decarbonisation needed to ensure our children have clean air to breathe. That’s the prize we’re all working towards.”