US’ largest electric co-op selects Aclara for AMI rollout


In the US state of Texas, Pedernales Electric Cooperative Inc. has selected Aclara to implement an advanced metering infrastructure project.

The largest rural distribution electric cooperative in the United States will deploy an RF electric point-to-multipoint (P2MP) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network technology and AclaraONE software platform for consumers in its eastern region, including Austin, Texas.

The two solutions will enable the utility to operate a hybrid network that accommodates both the Aclara TWACS PLC and RF networks in a single headend.

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While the RF network will be deployed in the PEC’s eastern region, the utility will continue to utilise Aclara’s TWACS PLC network for its western region, where that technology is ideally suited to the demands of a vast rural area.

The project will involve installing electric meters for residential, commercial, and industrial members to replace the utility’s electromechanical meters.

The project starts this year and will be structured as a phased rollout.

Brian Gedrich, the vice president of engineering at PEC, said: “For more than 80 years, PEC has been proud to serve its members, power the Texas Hill Country, and empower our community. The decision to implement the Aclara RF AMI solution signals our commitment to provide our members with future-proof technology that will enable us to operate more efficiently and deliver the best possible service to them.

“Because of the scope of our operations and the dynamic developments in our service area, ubiquity and scalability were key criterion in our vendor selection.”