Webinar 30 June: Optimal smart metering digital networks


June, 30, 2020. 9,30h (CET time)

During this webinar, Víctor Domínguez Richards, the CEO of Arkossa will speak about the costs of not having a 100% connected smart metering system.

Miguel Outumuro Fernández, Pre-Sales Director of Arkossa, will explore added-value rollout and efficient smart metering operations and maintenance.

Other speakers will look at:

Why and when you can benefit from services provided by Arkossa? Bringing and maintaining your KPI to 100%. Speaker: José Antonio Grande Seijas, Sales Director of Arkossa.

Initial analysis and optimisation project. Speaker: José Antonio Grande, Sales Director of Arkossa.

Remote O&M service. Speaker: José Antonio Grande, Sales Director of Arkossa.

Local field services. The filters. Speakers: Moisés Ríos Currás, Business Operations Director of Arkossa and Antonio Rojas, Ecosystem Director of Premo.


Have you taken into account the differences between deploying smart meters, together with the associated telecommunications network, and traditional meters, and the resulting costs of not doing so? And the substantial benefits that a well-deployed and optimally maintained digital network bring to the organization? Did you know that in a correctly planned deployment of PLC smart meters, more than 5% of the meters (reaching up to 20% in some cases) require post-deployment actions, both remotely and on the field, to obtain 100% connectivity. And more than 2% of the digital network needs remote operations on a regular basis to maintain such accessibility.

These are just some of the questions that many of managers of the DSO and of the new smart meters digital networks have asked themselves during these years. Arkossa’s experience of more than 7 years performing all these activities, together with the quality of the Grupo Premo’s family of PLC products, have supported, and continue to do so daily. This experience is based on the large networks of PLC smart meters deployed throughout the world and, mainly, in Spain; a pioneering country in this matter with more than 25 million smart meters operating daily.

With this webinar we aim to answer the main questions that arise both in the engineering phases of a deployment of a network of PLC meters as in the daily operations and maintenance activities to keep a 100% connectivity and to obtain the most value out of the investment made whilst minimizing costs.

With this panel of speakers with extensive and recognized experience in the world of PLC communications, smart meters and the O&M of smart metring networks, we are going to discuss about the planning, tasks and required tools with which the DSO can benefit for their smart metering networks.

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