Indian city cuts revenue loss by half


In India, Pune Municipal Corporation has secured two partnerships to implement its smart water metering initiative.

The municipality is partnering with Larsen & Toubro and Sensus to install some 275,000 smart water meters over a period of three years.

The aim is to reduce water and revenue loss and to improve management of its water distribution network through access to real-time data regarding consumer water usage.

Pune Municipal officials expect the system to reduce revenue loss by 50% over the next three years.

The project will also help improve management of water resources, which are depleting in India due to overpopulation.

The programme is part of the country’s Smart City Mission initiative.

V. G. Kulkarni, chief engineer, Pune Municipal Corporation, said, “We are extremely proud to be the first Indian city to deploy cutting-edge smart water meters. This is just the first step on our journey towards making Pune a more sustainable and self-sufficient city committed to conserving water. We are confident that Sensus is the right partner to ensure we achieve these goals.”