Brazil’s water and sewage department selects Itron to avoid water loss


The Department of Water and Sewage of Americana in Sao Paulo, Brazil has embarked on an initiative to reduce water loss in partnership with Itron.

Itron is providing the department with some intelligent residential water meters and water operations management platform to improve visibility of its water system.

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The department manages 80,000 water and sewage connections across the city of America. Water losses have increased to about 40% for the department hence the need to employ smart technologies.

 Itron’s Software-as-a-service solution will be deployed beginning in areas with the highest water loss.

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With the system, the water and sewage department will be able to securely store consumer water usage data, optimise operations using the mapping functionality as well as to measure water and adjust the pressure in line with demand.

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Carlos Cezar Zappia, managing director at the Department of Water and Sewage, said: “We are committed to improving our customer’s quality of life, and Itron’s solution will equip us to monitor water loss and meet our loss reduction goals.

“Through our water conservation goals and innovative infrastructure investments, we are pioneering the future of water management for our region.”