Texas city records AMI benefits in curbing leakages


In the US state of Texas, the city of Cedar Park has identified and addressed some 300 water leaks since the launch of an online consumer portal in August 2017.

The city is using data acquired from smart water meters to alert customers of any potential leaks, as well as provide them with water efficiency tips via the online portal.

Via the portal, customers can access their water consumption in near real time to identify measures to improve their water management.

The online portal and the smart meters installed for some 23,000 metering points are expected to provide the city with data for long-term infrastructure planning and upgrades.

Cedar Park partnered with Sensus to replace its automated water meter reading infrastructure with an advanced metering infrastructure solution.

The two-way communication system is reducing operational costs for the city by getting rid of the drive-by which was being used to collect water usage data.

Nanette McCartan, programmes manager at Cedar Park, said: “We saw very clearly that we needed to be able to communicate better with our customers about how much water they were using and the impact on their monthly bill.”

“Now one year into the portal, Cedar Park is up to 9% active users. When we talked to other utilities, we were told that 10% adoption was excellent, so we feel really good about where we are today. All of our marketing and education on this is paying off,” added McCartan.