City of Gatesville, Texas selects partner for automatic metering project


The City of Gatesville, in the US state of Texas, has partnered with Ameresco to implement its automatic metering infrastructure project.

The project will include replacement of the existing 3,600 traditional water meters with automated units.

The automatic metering infrastructure project includes migrating meter software to a hosted cloud-based platform and providing the citizens with a customer portal where they can remotely access their consumption information securely.

Providing residents with real-time water usage data will help them to reduce their water usage and billing and enable the utility to spend less on operating its water infrastructure.

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The project is part of the city’s efforts to modernise its water infrastructure.

Bill Parry, city manager for the City of Gatesville, said: “Apart from new capabilities to receive up-to-date information about their households’ water consumption and related costs, Gatesville residents benefit greatly from this AMI project because it will update our community’s infrastructure in a budget-neutral way.

“Projections show that our new and improved metering technologies will provide over $860,000 in meter reading costs savings along with the potential capture of over $1,500,000 in lost and unaccounted for water and sewer revenues. Ameresco has a great amount of experience in this area of municipal infrastructure projects and we are grateful for the steps they’re taking to help us optimize how we monitor and optimize water usage across the community.”