Coca Cola saves 726 million litres of water in South African operations


Coca Cola Beverages Africa has saved approximately 726 million litres of water, equivalent to 290 Olympic-sized swimming pools, in South Africa over the past seven years.

The beverage company has reduced its water usage by 50% over the past 11 years and has been rated a four star in water preservation by the City of Cape Town.

Coca Cola has reduced its water use to make 1 litre of beverage from 2.7 litres of water in 2004 to 1.98 litres in 2018.

The water efficiency level has been reached through:

  • Using waterless lubrication chemicals
  • Replacing water pumps with vacuum seal pumps
  • Implementing no hose days, staff only use brooms, mops and buckets of water
  • Reducing reliance on municipal water by sinking boreholes. 40% of water used by Coca Cola is from boreholes

The soft drink company has reached the milestones as part of the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), in which the firm has set a goal to improve water efficiency within its operations and ordinary residents across Africa.

The RAIN programme has set a target to improve access to safe drinking water to 6 million Africans by the end of 2020.

Launched by the Coca Cola Foundation in 2009, RAIN has to date provided access to safe drinking water to 3 million people and invested up to $132 million in 55 countries.

The beverage firm has partnered with 140 civil society, private sector and government partners.

To date, one third of the African population does not have access to safe and drinking water whilst two thirds do not have access to proper sanitation.