How water utilities can leverage smart grids to improve revenue


Frost & Sullivan has published a new report exploring the urban water infrastructure market in the Asia Pacific region. According to the study, to improve revenue opportunities water utilities in developed Asia-Pacific countries need to leverage smart grid technology.

Developed countries in the region are completely digitising their water assets to establish smart water grids whilst developing economies are building the infrastructure needed to provide safe and reliable drinking water and sanitation facilities.

The urban water infrastructure market is expected to surge ahead with key investments in the replacement of old pipes, expansion of the existing pipe network, water treatment, water reclamation, stormwater harvesting, quake resilience, and improving the consumer infrastructure.

Higher investments in automation and analytics to give an edge to utilities across the region.

In addition to R&D spending and technological innovation, water utilities can generate further growth opportunities by:

  • Integrating ICT into the water infrastructure to reduce costs and water losses, streamline operations and maintenance, and improve data and asset management.
  • Provide smart sensors that enable accurate reporting and compliance comparison.
  • Offer financing options or leasing options for technologically advanced or expensive products.
  • Gain awareness about procedures and documentation requirements to better handle the application and tendering process.

Melvin Leong, Director, Energy & Environment, Asia-Pacific at Frost & Sullivan, said: “Digital water assets apply data science and augmented intelligence techniques to business challenges to enable accurate, real-time monitoring, and quality control of water assets. Greater digitisation will not only reduce response times but also protect water assets and lower energy use.

“Besides, advanced technologies allow utilities to predict failures, giving them an edge in proactive resolution.

The energy transition is a hot topic disrupting the utility industry in Asia and will be a key focus at Enlit Asia which takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 23-25 March. For more details click here.

“With smart cities becoming a new area of focus across APAC, there will be numerous opportunities for new advanced infrastructure development.

“Developed nations such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Australia are experiencing greater investments in automation, data analytics, and smart metering; meanwhile, countries like Japan and South Korea are also investing in developing countries such as India and others in Southeast Asia.”

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