Swedish municipal utility prepares future business model with meter upgrades


In the Swedish municipality of Kiruna, water utility Tekniska Verken Kiruna is modernising its mechanical water meters with an automated meter reading system.

The water distribution company to 23,000 consumers is upgrading its water infrastructure in partnership with Kamstrup.

The project is improving the efficiency of the utility’s 20,000 square kilometres of water distribution network.

The utility says replacing analogue with automated water meters is helping reduce operational costs incurred through manual meter reading.

The new meter reading system is also reducing time spent in collecting meter data and in processing collected data for water billing.

Lennart Töyrä, Meter Manager at the Department of Water and Wastewater at TVAB, “the smart meters are helping to reduce non-revenues due to inaccurate meter billing.

“30% of our customers never send in their card and out of the ones that do, another 30% are unusable due to errors or inaccuracies.

“It’s the intelligence that makes all the difference.”

The utility’s staff drive-by households are equipped with an app and concentrator to remotely collect water usage data.

The ultrasonic water meters also allow quick identification of water leaks, reverse flows and irregularities, a development which would help reduce water losses within the distribution network.

The project was started in 2015 and is being implemented in phases to prepare the utility for future business models.