AMI deal to improve services to 1.7 million customers


In the US, the City of Philadelphia has embarked on a project to modernise its metering infrastructure and to improve customer services.

The city’s water department, water service provider to 1.7 million people, has partnered with Sensus to adopt smart water technology.

The city is installing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to enhance operational efficiency, reduce non-revenue water and to help consumers to improve their water efficiency.

The AMI solution includes the FlexNet communication network and some 480,000 smart radio transceivers.

The AMI solution will be deployed over the next three years to access real-time consumer water usage and to detect leaks within the distribution system.

Debra McCarty, water commissioner at the city, said: “Our AMI deployment will provide us with real time access to detailed water usage data, enhancing our customer service and empowering our customers to better manage their water usage.”

The project follows a successful pilot implemented in 2018.