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News and insights into water meter innovation, water grid technology, research and development throughout the water value chain. How utilities maximise smart water meters, preventing non-revenue water loss, as well as the use of AI, data and analytics to ensure the sustainability of the water resource will be noted in this category, especially in light of climate change and drought.


Dutch water utility to use €190 million EIB loan to rehabilitate...

In the Netherlands, water utility Evides will be using a €190m loan secured from the EIB to improve the resiliency of its network against climate change.
LoRa Alliance meter

SWAN Forum and LoRa Alliance partnership to accelerate IoT adoption in...

The Smart Water Networks Forum has partnered with the LoRa Alliance to drive adoption of the LoRaWAN open standard in the water metering sector.
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Water utilities can assess financial impact of COVID-19 with new EPA...

The US Environmental Protection Agency has released a new tool to help water utilities to assess the financial impact of COVID-19 on operations.
austin water

Austin Water launches analytics and customer engagement programme

In the US state of Texas, Austin Water has partnered with WaterSmart and Aclara to improve management of its water network and to enhance customer engagement.
UK water

England faces ‘serious risk’ of running out of water by 2040

The UK's Public Accounts Committee says the bodies responsible for Britain's water supply – Defra, Ofwat and the Environment Agency – have “taken their eye off the ball”.
kamstrup smart meter solution

Kamstrup unveils first-of-its-kind smart meter solution

Kamstrup has launched its newest smart meter solution for the North American market.

MOSL extends contract with CGI to manage England’s non-household water retail...

Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL), England’s market operator for the non-household water retail market, has extended its contract with CGI for another three years.
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US utilities to intensify digital water programmes – here’s why

Black & Veatch has released the results of a new report exploring the adoption of digital technologies by US water utilities.
sydney water

Podcast: The Future of Water

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities infrastructure, and advanced modeling tools, a digital transformation is underway in the water industry. We caught up Virginie Vinel Kolovos MCIM and Future Water Association Board Director to discuss the situation in the water today.
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EIB helps Barbados protect water infrastructure against climate change

Barbados Water Authority has secured a $12 million loan from the European Investment Bank to modernize water distribution network.

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