Texas City of Seabrook deploys advanced water metering system


To reduce the costs associated with operating a manual water meter reading system and to reduce non-revenue water, the City of Seabrook in Texas has embarked on an advanced metering infrastructure programme.

The City of Seabrook has selected cleantech integrator Ameresco for the supply of smart water meters and their installation.

The project will see 4,100 existing water meters being replaced with solid-state water meters and an advanced water metering infrastructure for remote operation of the new meters.

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The project aims to modernise the city’s water metering system which is now aging and prone to errors in measuring and reporting consumer energy water usage.

The new smart water meters will enable the city to accurately measure and bill customer usage, detect water leaks and theft to reduce non-revenue water and help improve the management and maintenance of the water distribution network.

The new system is expected to help the city achieve $50,000 in annual cost savings.

Kevin Padgett, director of public works, said the project falls under the city’s efforts to adopt digital technologies that can help in sustainability goals being met. He said the initiative is a preparation of the infrastructure for future business cases and will help enhance customer services.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021 and a new smart water customer portal will launch by spring 2022.

Using the portal, consumers will be able to access their real-time water usage data and history, pay bills online and receive personalised water efficiency tips online.