The world’s first water utility digital twins


UK water utility Anglian Water has become the first water distribution company to leverage digital twins in a bid optimise its operational efficiency.

Anglian Water has selected Black & Veatch to create the digital twins for its operations within the Newmarket region.

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The project is part of Anglian Water’s ‘Future water company, today’ initiative which the firm is using to achieve digital transformation goals.

Goals set include:

  • Zero leakage and bursts
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Water consumption of 80 litres per person per day
  • Zero pollution and flooding
  • 100% compliant and chemical-free drinking water
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Building a circular economy that eliminates the concept of waste from the processes

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Black & Veatch is integrating its technologies with EMAGIN’s artificial intelligence-based Hybrid Real-time Virtual Intelligence solution to create a digital representation of water treatment and distribution infrastructure in Newmarket.

This project is expected to help the water utility to enhance customer experience, without increasing bills to fund improvements, by optimising the performance of existing assets and increasing the efficiency with which they are operated and maintained.

Mark Kaney, director of asset management at Black & Veatch in Europe, said: “This is an exciting stage for us as this is our first co-developed solution with EMAGIN. The AI-enabled digital twin will be an integrated digital representation of the Newmarket region’s physical assets which provides historical, current and predictive analysis in near real-time.

“What separates the digital twin from a conventional model is that the twin is in constant dialogue with its physical counterpart, enabling Anglian Water to simulate and scenario test options before actioning them in the real world.”

 Anglian Water serves 6 million customers.