Canadian utility pilots AI and analytics to reduce leaks by 60%


In Canada, Utilities Kingston has selected Rezatec to reduce water leaks within its distribution system.

Utilities Kingston is piloting the firm’s artificial intelligence and geospatial analytics to optimise its leak detection activities.

The solution will provide the utility with data for integration with historic leak event data to develop a robust risk model.

The risk model will be used to identify parts of the network at higher risk of failure.

The solution is expected to help reduce the time and cost of detecting leaks by more than 60%.

The project is expected to help Utilities Kingston to optimise repair and maintenance schedules, as well as the deployment of acoustic loggers and other ground resources.

The pilot will last for three months and began in November.

Jim Keech, president and CEO of Utilities Kingston, said: “Utilities Kingston is dedicated to the responsible management of community infrastructure. We’re excited to pilot leading-edge tools to reduce system water loss, which have the potential to improve the water efficiency of the system we operate.”