Utility finds 3 million litre-per-day leak in central London

The UK’s largest water utility Thames Water has found and repaired an underground pipe in central London which was causing upwards of 3 million litres of water to be lost per day. It’s one of the largest leaks detected by the utility.

The company, which supplies water to the UK capital, stepped up leak detection operations in 2018, incorporating the use of drones and satellite observation.

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The company has also suspended dividend payments to its shareholders to prioritise investment and is spending more than to reduce leakage. It is fixing an average of 1,400 pipes every week in the face of non-revenue losses amounting to over 600 million litres per day. The company has pledged to reduce leakage by 15% by 2025 to 509 million litres a day.

Tim McMahon, head of water networks at the company, said: “We have dozens of teams working around the clock to find and fix leaky pipes right across our region, and this is an excellent example of the work they are doing.”

 “Leakage is a top priority. We’re determined to drastically reduce the amount of water that escapes from our pipe network to help protect customer supplies for now and future generations.”