Annual storage capacity for critical infrastructure to reach 10GW, here’s why


Navigant Research forecasts the annual global market for advanced batteries for critical solutions to near 10GW in 2027.

The market reached 262.3GW in 2018.

Driving an increase in the adoption of advanced batteries for critical infrastructure solutions includes the need to:

  1. Address extended blackouts in helping utilities and industrial and commercial customers to meet their energy demands through increased adoption of distributed energy
  2. Avoid public risks due to outages
  3. Avoid financial loss to commercial facility occupants

Ian McClenny, research analyst at Navigant Research, said: “With society’s high reliance on electricity and power, it is not a question of if a failure will happen but when.

“While still a new market, DESSs with critical power-providing capabilities can help mitigate the effect of electrical service outages for mission critical facility operations by providing grid ancillary services and electrical demand charge reduction.”

For more information about the report, visit  Advanced Batteries for Critical Infrastructure.