Battery storage for new frequency regulation in Slovakia


Battery storage is being installed to support secondary frequency regulation of a gas turbine in western Slovakia.

Energodata, a provider of ancillary grid services in Slovakia, has selected Leclanché to provide a battery energy storage system along with its proprietary energy management software for a novel application in a natural gas-fired power plant in Levice in the west of the country.

The battery storage will be installed in the Veolia Energia gas power plant in Levice. The 5.2MW/2.9MWh energy storage system will be installed in the plant’s internal medium voltage grid. It will be used to help the plant comply with new European secondary frequency control regulations for automatic frequency restoration reserve.

The regulation, which goes into effect on January 1, 2022, requires the plant to deliver its full power, when requested by the transmission system operator (TSO), in half the time, just 7.5 minutes, instead of the current 15 minutes.

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Energodata working with Slovak engineering, procurement and construction contractor Tesla Blue Planet, will supply the system including an Energodata control system, which will interface between the TSO and battery storage system.

“This is now the first time in Eastern Europe that an energy storage system is being deployed to help an existing power plant to support secondary frequency control,” says Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché.

“This is a further contribution to stabilising the European grid and helping to integrate more and more renewable production.”

The system is scheduled to be installed and fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Battery storage participation in the secondary frequency reserve markets has been limited so far but can be expected to increase with a growth in battery installations as the new markets in Europe develop.