Behind-the-meter battery storage project matches 2018 total deployments


The Experion Energy Programme has been launched to create the largest behind-the-meter battery energy storage deployment in North America.

The programme has been unveiled by Honeywell and NRstor C&I L.P to offer energy storage as a service to commercial and industrial customers.

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The two firms will develop and operate 300MW of behind-the-meter battery energy storage systems across the US and Canada starting in early 2020.

The systems will be operated remotely to provide customers with electricity cost savings and improved sustainability and resiliency.

Artificial intelligence-based technologies will be used to provide peak prediction and value stack optimization algorithms, will automatically start the battery systems as well as enable precise battery dispatch along with network security and cybersecurity protection.

Moe Hajabed, CEO at NRStor C&I L.P, said: “This BTM deployment alone matches North America’s total energy storage deployments in 2018.”