Bermuda brings resilience-boosting 10MW storage system online


French battery company Saft has delivered and installed a 10MW turnkey energy storage system on Bermuda.

The containerised lithium-ion battery system will allow for additional spinning reserve and frequency response for its owner, Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO).

The 5.5 megawatt hour storage capacity system was built in Jacksonville, Florida, in the US.

BELCO mechanical engineer Stephanie Simons said: “We selected Saft because of its long track record of creating energy storage systems for remote and island communities.

“The energy storage system for BELCO will integrate energy efficient power conversion equipment as a package with a 20-year asset life.”

Spinning reserves – the practice of keeping generators idling, with internal components spinning are essential as they can be ramped back up to full power within a few minutes, providing essential backup power in the case of a generator outage.