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Dominion Energy will develop four battery energy storage systems as part of a pilot initiative.

The aim is to test the ability of battery energy storage to help in accelerating wind and solar energy deployments for grid reliability.

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Dominion Energy is ranked number 4 in the US in solar rollouts and is seeking bids for up to 500MW of solar and onshore wind generation. Bidders can visit:

The four battery energy storage projects will have a total capacity of 16MW and are enabled by the Grid Transformation & Security Act of 2018. A total of $33 million will be invested in the four projects.

The pilot will run for five years once the projects go online as from December 2020.

The Act allows Dominion Energy to invest in up to 30MW of battery storage pilot projects.

Mark D. Mitchell, vice president – generation construction said: “Energy storage is critical to providing continued reliability for our customers as we expand our renewable portfolio.

“Battery storage has made significant strides in recent years, in both efficiency and cost. These pilot projects will enable Dominion Energy to better understand how best to deploy batteries to help overcome the inherent fluctuation of wind and solar generation sources.”

Dominion Energy has set a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2050 and reduce methane emissions from its gas assets 50% by 2030.