€200 million battery project to revolutionise EV industry


A new research programme has been established to develop new battery technologies in Europe.

The 200 million project aims to develop and tests new solid-state battery technologies, plus new production techniques such as 3D-printing.

The solid batteries will be deployed in electric vehicles to accelerate adoption of smart mobility solutions.

Project participants cliam the solid batteries will offer faster charging, increased capacity, slower degradation as well as eliminate much of the fire risks associated with dense lithium-ion batteries.

Participants include teams from Blackstone Resources, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the UK, Switzerland and Austria.

The Germany Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy will provide funding, whilst the Fraunhofer Insitutes of Offenburg and Goslar and the Technical Universities of Clausthal and Braunschweig in Germany will provide technical assistance.

The launch of the project follows a partnership between Panasonic and Toyota to deliver this type of technology. Tesla is also investing in solid-state battery technology to improve the performance of its vehicles.