Enel announces 2019 DR participation in IESO’s flexible market


In Ontario, Canada, Enel X is set to install a total of 5MW/10MWh of energy storage system with Berry Global, a plastics packaging manufacturer.

Once operational (summer 2019) the energy storage system will help the plastics manufacturer to reduce energy bills by 20% to 30%. The project is part of efforts by Berry Global to achieve its sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

In addition to installing and operating four lithium energy storage battery systems, Enel X will provide Berry Global with accurate peak prediction services to help reduce peak energy demand charges.

The energy storage system will be registered in the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s demand response programme to generate extra revenue and for the reliability of the entire grid network.

Enel X will employ its distributed energy resources optimisation software for real-time operation of the network and analyse Berry Global’s energy consumption patterns.

Berry Global has been Enel X’s demand response customer since 2008.

Enel X is currently the largest commercial and industrial aggregator of demand response in the Ontario province with about 200 MW across approximately 400 customer sites.