Enel inaugurates Colombia’s first grid-connected battery storage


Enel has unveiled the first battery energy storage in Colombia at the Termozipa thermal power plant about 40km north of Bogotá.

The 7MW/3.9MWh storage system, constructed over 20 months at a cost of more than $5.7 million, will store energy and release it to the National Interconnected System when required to meet the demand, thereby deferring the need for additional generation resources.

The installation by Enel’s Colombian generation arm Enel-Emgesa with an almost all local construction team, has the capacity to provide lighting for approximately 70,000 homes.

“We are proud to know that we can continue to implement this type of innovative technologies that contribute to the country’s energy matrix,” says Lucio Rubio, director-general of Enel in Colombia.

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“In this sense, the support of the authorities and the national government through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, was forceful in betting on this project that will give more reliability and security to the system.”

The storage system is installed with transformers and inverters and a control system to ensure the output complies with the national power quality requirements.

Diego Mesa, Colombia’s Minister of Mines and Energy, described the inauguration of the storage system as “a new step in the energy transition”.

He also noted that it paves the way for the first large-scale storage potentially in Latin America of 45-50MW to be installed in the country’s north coastal city of Barranquilla, for which a call was put out in January.