Enel partners to accelerate battery energy storage adoption in Canada


Enel X has partnered with investment firm Ardian Infrastructure to accelerate the development and adoption of battery energy storage technologies in Canada.

The two companies have established a joint venture company to manage Enel X’s battery storage projects in Canada and accelerate the development of similar projects.

Ardian Infrastructure holds 80% of the partnership, while Enel X holds the remaining 20%.

The joint venture currently owns ten projects of around 30MW in capacity.

Enel X will continue to construct, operate, and maintain these projects and will be responsible for the development of future projects.

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Enel X will leverage its distributed energy resources (DER) optimisation software to maximise the earnings potential across multiple use cases, such as demand and energy management programmes.

The partnership is part of efforts by Enel X to foster the deployment of cutting-edge energy service solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) clients.

Ardian will provide financial support to enable C&I customers to deploy state-of-the-art energy storage equipment aimed at making power consumption and infrastructure more efficient.

The deal is part of Ardian’s ongoing commitment to invest in new technology and clean energy assets with the aim to create a more sustainable energy market and address climate change, as outlined in its most recent Augmented Infrastructure report.

Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, said: “Battery storage systems represent a key element in the transition towards a decarbonised energy system as they facilitate the flexibility and stability of grids, and we are committed to empowering customers to help drive the shift towards these technologies.

“This partnership with Ardian Infrastructure represents an important step that will further support the expansion of innovative energy efficiency solutions in the North American market. In partnering with Ardian we are combining our financial strength and Enel X’s industry expertise to create even more value for our customers and further accelerate our growth in the region.”

Stefano Mion, the senior managing director of Ardian Infrastructure US, adds: “This latest partnership, our first in Canada, marks an important step forward as we diversify our sustainable energy portfolio into the rapidly growing battery storage sector. Behind-the-meter battery storage is a compelling component of the sustainable energy ecosystem as it allows users to store electricity when it is least expensive and consume it when costs from the grid are most expensive. We are excited to partner with Enel X on the opportunity to accelerate the joint venture’s growth, initially in Canada but longer-term across the Americas.”