Enel subsidiary sets industry standard for optimal energy storage deployment


Enel X’s energy storage optimisation methods are robust and well designed to enable increased confidence in economics and utility bill savings for behind-the-meter storage projects, according to DNV GL.

An independent and extensive technology evaluation conducted on Enel X’s tool Model E confirms that the company has set an industry standard for energy storage project optimisation.

The tool is well designed to anticipate an extensive range of scenarios and has industry-leading capabilities in optimisation-based energy storage simulation, according to the study.

DNV GL looked at the tool’s optimisation algorithm, forecasting algorithm, and financial model supplemented by interviews with several Enel X subject matter experts.

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The assessment reveals that Model E optimises value across demand charge management and demand response while maintaining compliance with applicable incentive programmes.

The evaluation also revealed that several key features contribute to the usefulness and flexibility of Enel X’s approach, including the ability to incorporate forecast-based models as a more sophisticated alternative to perfect forecast models.

DNV GL leveraged its Microgrid Optimiser tool to verify the performance of Enel X’s storage optimisation software.

Surya Panditi, the head of Enel X North America, said: “Enel X’s energy storage team has spent years developing and refining the energy storage software to ensure each project delivers economic value to our customers.

“The assessment by DNV GL further validates our software’s modeling capabilities and energy market expertise.”

Richard S. Barnes, region president Energy North America at DNV GL, adds: “Energy storage technologies are a major cornerstone to successfully increasing the penetration of renewables into the generation mix, and tools such as Enel X’s storage optimisation software ensure that customers can confidently install storage and realise their decarbonisation goals and utility bill savings.”